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Leading Learning to ensure QA Sidra Graduates are kind responsible citizens who achieve their academic and personal potential to live meaningful lives in the service of the wellbeing humanity.

Our Purpose

In a dynamic world, we must challenge learners of today to empower them to be the change-makers of tomorrow. We believe there is a leader in everyone so we prepare our learners with a strong sense of self into a life filled with opportunity and meaning.

Our Path to Purpose

We are a dynamic and responsive learning community that engages and challenges our learners, through concept-driven inquiry-based learning, so that they are academically successful.

We inspire and empower our learners so that they are equipped as future change agents for a sustainable world.

Our community of kindness is an inclusive safe haven for all learners so they build self-confidence to be the best they can be. We celebrate diversity, creativity and authentic action.


We develop civic responsibility, social engagement, and stewardship by forging strong positive community connections and growth mindsets in our learners.


As diverse, highly qualified and internationally experienced education professionals we are committed to each child's personal success. We are united in a passion to challenge and lead learning.


In everything we do, our children’s wellbeing always comes first.

The Panthers Values

As members of the QA Sidra community we strive to demonstrate the following values through the IB Learner Profile attributes and characteristics. Our values compass guides the development of our Panthers roots and supports their wings as they fly.

At QA Sidra we are committed to creating and maintaining a positive school environment for everyone. All students, teachers and parents are expected to actively create and maintain this environment through the development of the IB Learner Profile characteristics and the QAS Values. The QAS values are represented in the form of a compass to remind us of their importance in guiding our behaviours and actions.

Where do our Panthers Values come from?

We define our values as universal beliefs and concepts that are critical in our school.

The Panther Values;

• are embedded in our Vision and Mission statements
• are informed by Qatari and Islamic values
• are informed by the IB Mission Statement

Why are the Panther Values important?

The Panther Values are important as they;

• determine our school's uniqueness,
• empower us to be personally involved and aligned,
• communicate what is important to our school,
• influence overall behaviour,
• inspire people to take action,
• inform decision-making,
• shape the organizational culture, and
• in addition to academic proficiencies, these are what our students take with them into their futures.