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Admissions Procedure

QAS has rolling admissions. The same admissions process is followed whether the application for admission is made before the start of the school year or during the course of the school year.

Step One:
In order to be considered for enrollment families must complete an Open Apply application which includes the following uploaded evidence

Criteria Evidence Required
Age Birth Certificate or Passport
English Language Proficiency Previous MAP or ISA data if available
Mathematics Proficiency Previous MAP or ISA data if available
Academic Records Reports from previous two years of schooling (in English)
Personal, Social, Emotional and Behaviour Characteristics Confidential Recommendation
Health & Immunization Immunization Records
Medical History Form
Medical Examination Report signed by a certified physician in Qatar
Qatari Citizenship or Legal Residency Status Qatar ID or Qatari Passport

Step Two:
Once all documentation is complete the Admissions Officer will complete a review of the applicants files. If all files are provided the Admissions Officer will schedule an appointment for
● the student to complete the MAP ‘Survey without Goals’
● the student to complete an interview with the Admissions Committee
● the parents to complete an interview with the Division Principal

Step Three:
The Admission Committee will review the completed application, recommendations and screening data and determine whether to;
1. Accept the student for enrolment, or
2. Refer the student for further screening assessments, or
3. Deny the request for enrolment

Step Four:
On Acceptance​ the Admissions Committee will Screening/Assessment Denial​ by Admissions Committee
Determine class placement

Return file to Admissions.

Admissions​ ​Officer​ ​will

Send a letter to the Parents with acceptance and date of commencement

Memo to teacher(s) in class(es) with starting date (3 days after acceptance)
Admissions​ ​Officer​ to arrange assessment meeting to Screen for

● EAL requirements and/or
● Special Educational Needs requirements

On completion of assessment, information passed to school Principal for determination.

Admissions Committee determine whether the needs identified can be met by the school under current resources.

Acceptance,see left. Denial see right.
Return file to Admissions with reason for denial

Admissions​ ​Officer​ will send a letter to parents with denial and outline of reason.