Co-curricular Program

The Co-curricular program provides opportunities for students to develop socially, emotionally and physically within a caring and supportive framework, discover and nurture individual interests, passions and talents and share intercultural perspectives while fostering new social networks and friendships.

The program also provides experiences for growth in both developmental skills.

  • Arts & Creativity
  • Sports / Athletics
  • Academics
  • After School Activities
  • Global Awareness
  • Action for Impact
  • Service as Action
  • Field Trips,
  • Week Without Walls
  • Overseas Travel


The After School Activities program operates across the Primary and Secondary Schools. Activities in the primary school operate across three sessions and in the secondary school students elect activities each semester. Information is provided to parents and students via the co-curricular Expos hosted at the beginning of each session.


The vision of the Qatar Academy Sidra counselling program is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counselling program that supports the academic, social/emotional and career needs of all students. Through advocacy, leadership, and collaboration, school counselors are professional student advocates who provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement.

The mission of our school counselors is to support our students, parents, teachers and community. We aim to foster a caring, learning environment in which to develop our students cognitive, social-emotional and career development. Qatar Academy Sidra draws on both the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) model and International Model For School Counselors.



It is our goal to ensure that each new student has a smooth transition to QA Sidra. The foundation that we build upon to make certain that each student succeeds socially and academically includes: welcoming new students and their parents, providing an orientation to our campuses, supporting each student’s adjustment to his/her new environment and tracking their transition over time.


Social And Emotional Skill Development

Our social and emotional learning program focuses on activities and lessons that are consistent with identified student needs. In the primary school, we focus on empathy, respect and responsibility. In secondary, we implement social and emotional lessons through the advisory program, which supports academic, personal/social and career developmental skill building.


Small Group Counselling

A variety of small group counselling activities occur throughout the year which focus on issues that include academic, friendship and social skill development.


Individual counselling

The counselors provides an environment that is conducive to students communicating freely and openly. Within this environment, we strive to know each student as an individual, providing them with the tools to overcome challenges, maintain a positive self-image, and utilize problem solving strategies.


Teacher and Parent Consultation

Collaborating with teachers and parents in a unified approach to find the most effective methods to help each child reach his/her academic potential is the cornerstone of our program. Always operating with the best interest of the student in mind, we work together to help each child achieve academic, emotional and social success.


Parent Presentations and Workshops

Parent presentations and workshops are given on a wide array of educational issues designed to help parents become familiar with special topics of interest, all with the aim of better serving each child and strengthening the bond between home and school. In addition, we offer an Active Parenting program.

Student Health

The main scope of our health services at QA Sidra is to provide students first-aid care in case of illnesses or injuries during the school hours.  We have two full time registered nurses (one on each campus) to provide services to our students.

QA Sidra also provides educational programs and activities to the students so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle.  Our Nurses engage teachers and students in discussions, on topics such as; the importance of proper physical exercises, consuming nutrients in a balanced diet, proper oral hygiene, good hand hygiene, and the benefits of a good night sleep.

In cooperation with the Qatar Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and the World Health Organization (WHO), QA Sidra participates in annual screenings of vision, height and weight. These screenings occur for students from the ages of 5 - 19 years of age Height and weight screening occurs for all students from 5 years and above whilst vision screening occurs at selected grades.