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Primary and Secondary Counselling

Qatar Academy Sidra follows both the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) Model and International Model For School Counsellors. QA Sidra employs two full time counsellors who provide the following services to our students and families.

Vision & Mission
As school counsellors, our mission is to support our administrative team, teachers, parents, and community in preparing all Qatar Academy Sidra students to contribute to a more peaceful, sustainable and equitable world as global citizens. We aim to foster a caring, learning environment in which to develop their cognitive, social-emotional and career development.

The vision of Qatar Academy Sidra Counselling Programme is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counselling programme that supports the academic, social/emotional and career needs of all students. Through advocacy, leadership, and collaboration, school counsellors are professional student advocates who provide support to maximize student potential and academic achievement. The Qatar Academy Sidra Counsellor(s) facilitates and coordinates a multi-tiered support system to ensure that all students are prepared and have access to knowledge and skills necessary to become globally competitive, lifelong learners.

It is our goal to ensure that each new student has a smooth transition to QA Sidra. Welcoming new students and their parents, providing them with an orientation of our Primary and Secondary School, while supporting each student’s adjustment to his/her new environment, comprise the foundation that we build upon to make certain that each student succeeds socially and academically.

Classroom guidance lessons
Our comprehensive guidance programme focuses on activities and lessons that are consistent with identified student needs. In the primary school, we focus on empathy, respect and responsibilty. In the secondary, we implement classroom guidance lessons through the advisory programme, which supports academic, personal/social and career developmental skill building. We follow the IB learners profile.

Small group counselling
A variety of small group counselling activities occur throughout the year which focus on issues that include academic, friendship and social skill development. 

Individual counselling
The counsellor provides an environment that is conducive to students communicating freely and openly with her. Within this environment, we strive to know each student as an individual, providing them with the tools to overcome challenges, maintain a positive self-image, and utilize problem solving strategies.

Teacher and parent consultation

Collaborating with teachers and parents in a unified approach to find the most effective methods to help each child reach his/her academic potential is the cornerstone of our programme. Always operating with the best interest of the student in mind, we work together to help each child achieve academic, emotional and social success.

Parent presentations and workshops

Parent presentations and workshops are given on a wide array of educational issues designed to help parents become familiar with special topics of interest, all with the aim of better serving each child and strengthening the bond between home and school.