Qatar Academy Sidra is a private, non-profit, co-educational international school aligned with Islamic and Qatari values and the IB philosophy. Qatar Academy Sidra offers a broad-based, international educational programme by following the IB frameworks for the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes. The language of instruction at Qatar Academy Sidra is English.

Qatar Academy Sidra shall consider for admission students of any nationality who are the children of, and themselves are, either citizens or permanent residents of the State of Qatar who are living with their families or approved guardian (s).

Qatar Academy Sidra aims to enable

  • Expatriate students to continue their studies within a variety of post-secondary educational systems around the world, and
  • Qatari students to continue their studies at a post-secondary educational system within the Qatar Foundation, or at another global location.

Admissions Procedure

QAS has rolling admissions. The same admissions process is followed whether the application for admission is made before the start of the school year or during the course of the school year.

Step One: Submit Application & Required Documents

In order to be considered for enrollment families must complete an Open Apply application which includes the following uploaded evidence

Applicant Checklist:

Criteria Evidence Required
Age Birth Certificate or Passport
English Language Proficiency Previous MAP or ISA data if available
Mathematics Proficiency Previous MAP or ISA data if available
Academic Records Reports from the previous two years of schooling(in English)
Personal, Social, Emotional, and Behaviour Characteristics Confidential Recommendation
Mother Tongue Language Profile Student Language Profile Form
Health & Immunization Immunization Records
Medical History Form
Medical Examination Report signed by a certified physician in Qatar
Qatari Citizenship or Legal Residency Status Qatar ID or Qatar Passport
Fees Application Fee, 500 Qr – Administrative charges
Registration Fee, 3000 Qr – Upon acceptance
Specific Learning Needs Individualized Learning Plan

Step Two: Screening

Once all documentation is complete the Admissions Officer will complete a review of the applicant’s files. If all files are provided the Admissions Officer will schedule an appointment for:

  • The student to complete the MAP ‘Survey without Goals’
  • The parents and student to complete an interview with the Counselor (or alternative member of the Admissions Committee if necessary)
  • If a student falls outside of the grade level norms or EAL threshold range
  • the student to complete WIDA assessment (if necessary)
  • If a student falls within grade-level norms and the EAL threshold but is an EAL student they will complete the WIDA after admission.

Step Three: Review and Decision

The Admission Committee will review the completed application, recommendations, and screening data and determine whether to;

  1. Accept the student for enrollment, or
  2. Refer the student for further screening assessments, or
  3. Deny the request for enrollment
On Acceptance, the Admissions Committee will Screening/Assessment Denial by Admissions Committee
Determine class placement

Return file to Admissions.

Admissions Officer will

Send a letter to the Parents with acceptance and date of commencement

Memo to the teacher(s) in class(es) with starting date (3 days after acceptance)

Admissions Officer to arrange assessment meeting to Screen for

  • EAL requirements and/or
  • Special Educational Needs requirements

On completion of the assessment, information passed to the school Principal for determination.

Admissions Committee determines whether the needs identified can be met by the school under current resources.

Acceptance, see left. Denial, see right.

Return file to Admissions with the reason for denial

Admissions Officer will send a letter to parents with denial and outline of reason.

Step Four: Final Interview

  • The parents and students to complete an interview with the Division Principal
  • The parents accept and sign an enrollment letter
  • The parents pay the QAR 3000 registration fee

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the school hours?

PK-3 – Pre-4: 

  • Sunday – Thursday 7:00am-12:00pm

KG -Grade 12: 

  • Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:00am-2:00pm,
  • Tuesday: 7:00am-1:00pm

School holidays, beginning/end dates, and other events are provided in the school calendar.

2. I cannot get records from the past three (3) years. What do I do?

We understand that it can be difficult to obtain records and recommendations from many different schools. Please provide as much documentation as possible. In some cases, it may be possible to review a file without all of the past records, however, please note that the most recently issued records (last 2 years) will be required. The decision for exception rests with the school.

3. I have a child with learning differences. Can they attend QA Sidra?

QA Sidra strives to be an inclusive school that meets the needs of its students. A limited number of students with learning differences are currently served at our school. The nature of service depends on the diagnosis of the student’s needs and his/her current abilities. Please submit all IEPs, reports, and records initially in the application process to avoid delays. The Admissions Committee will review the application and accept the student if QA Sidra has the capacity to provide appropriate educational support to meet the student’s needs.

4. Is there an admissions test?

Yes, there are assessments administered at the school for all applicants to Qatar Academy Sidra. These assessments are used to determine if the school can service the needs of each child and is used to provide the school with information on the best programme and placement for the student.

In some cases the Admissions Committee may require additional assessment to be certain the school can meet the programing needs of a student. This is on a case-by-case basis.

5. Is the application fee refundable?

No, the application fee covers the costs associated with receiving and processing application documents and is non-refundable.

6. My application is complete. Now what happens?

After all required documents have been completed, the Admissions Office will confirm receipt of your completed application.The file will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.   If additional information is needed to invite your child for the screening tests, we will let you know. Otherwise, the Admissions Office will contact you to advise of the next steps.

7. How is grade-level placement determined?

Grade placement is generally determined by age-appropriateness of the student. However, there are national regulations, which govern the age placement for children in grades. For the majority of applicants coming from US curriculum schools there is no change of grade level. In most cases, students in the primary school will be considered by their age as of September 1st. In the Middle Years Programme, student records are reviewed to determine the last fully completed school year and assign accordingly.

QA Sidra operates on a Northern hemisphere calendar (September to June school year). Students coming from Southern hemisphere calendar schools will need to be placed in a grade that allows them to fully complete the next level of education. For example, a student finishing the 7th grade in December in the Southern hemisphere will be placed in the 7th grade at QA Sidra from January-June. They will then be promoted to the 8th grade for the following school year. QA Sidra makes the sole determination about grade-level placement.

8. When can students start school?

Students will be able to start at QA Sidra once parents have received their final acceptance letter from the Admissions Office and have been notified of the start date.

9. Does QA Sidra run a waiting list?

Yes, we will put students on a waiting list when all seats in a grade level are full.

10. How does my child get to and from school?

Most students are driven to the school by their parents or a private driver.

11. Do QA Sidra students wear a uniform?

Yes. Information about uniform requirements and purchases will be provided upon acceptance.

12. Is lunch provided?

Parents of Primary School students have the option of choosing school-provided cold snacks and lunches or sending a healthy packed lunch. Parents of Secondary School students (6-11) have the option to purchase the school snack and hot buffet lunch or students may bring their own. QA Sidra strictly follows a no nut policy.

13. What are the class sizes?

Classes sizes vary depending on age.  The potential maximum class size is 24-25 students.  However whilst on our current temporary campuses class sizes do not exceed 22.

Academic Records

QA Sidra releases academic records to students and parents on a regular basis as per the reporting and assessment timelines. These records include;

  • Mid Semester Progress Reports and Semester Reports
  • Measure of Academic Progress reports (Note: Parents must attend the MAP workshop to obtain this report)
  • Individualised Accommodations Plan (IAP) Individualised Learning Plan (ILP) or Individualised Advanced Learning Plan (IALP), where appropriate

QA Sidra only provides one copy of these records and it is strongly advised that parents ensure that they maintain a secure record of all of their children’s academic records. QA Sidra will provide additional copies of academic records as per the withdrawal practices.

Fee Structure

Click here to view Fee Structure 2021 -2022
Click here to view Fee Structure 2022 -2023

Online Admissions

We are pleased to announce that Admissions for the Academic Year 2022-2023 will open on the 16th of January 2022. We look forward to receiving your application and getting to know you throughout our admission process.

Apply Now

Leaving Qatar Academy Sidra

Although we regret that you may withdraw your child(ren) from Qatar Academy Sidra, we wish you and your child(ren) continued success in your future endeavors.  Should a student withdraw a minimum of 45 days written notice is required to the Admissions office.

For further details please refer to the withdrawal practices outlined below

Notice of withdrawal

Formal written notice is considered to be the submission of a completed withdrawal form to the Admissions team at

QAS Withdrawal Form

The release of academic records

On receipt of a formal withdrawal form, QA Sidra will provide one (1) set of academic records, per student within ten (10) working days.

An academic record set includes;

  • Copies of the previous three semesters (Mid Year and End Year) report cards
  • Transcript (Grade 9 – 12 only)
  • A copy of the most recent Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) report
  • A copy of any supporting standardized assessment e.g. WIDA, where appropriate and recent
  • A copy of Individualised Accommodations Plan (IAP) Individualised Learning Plan (ILP) or Individualised Advanced Learning Plan (IALP), where appropriate

The fees for additional sets can be paid in cash at the Cashiers Office.

Request for Recommendations

On receipt of a formal withdrawal form, a parent can request a recommendation letter from QA Sidra by emailing the Admissions team at

This written request should indicate:

  • The need for a recommendation
  • The purpose of the recommendation
  • The preferred people to complete the recommendation

The Admissions team will share the request (by forwarding the email to the appropriate Counselors who will facilitate the completion of the recommendation)

Parents can share the recommendation form by delivering the hardcopy recommendation form to the Admissions Office (Secondary Campus).  Or as directed by the Counselor the parent may send an electronic form directly to the appropriate teacher(s)

Teachers are under no obligation to write a recommendation.

Recommendations will not be released directly to parents however if contact details are provided QA Sidra is happy to forward the recommendation directly to a registered school.

QA Sidra assures that the recommendation will be completed and forwarded to the appropriate school within ten (10) working days.

In the case that another school directly sends a recommendation request to QA Sidra, the request will be forwarded to the Admission office.  If there is no withdrawal form on record the Admission team will ring the family and invite them in to meet with our leadership team so that we can best understand how to support your needs.

Leaving Students final report/transcript 

Final semester reports/transcripts will not be released until all outstanding fees are paid and all school materials and books are returned.  Students will be required to complete a check out form.  A check form will be issued on receipt of a withdrawal form / issued at the end of a school year.

On as students last school day they will receive;

  • A Certificate of Attendance
  • A copy of the final semester report
  • A copy of an adjusted transcript (Grade 9 – 12)
  • School Reference
  • Farewell Principal’s letter
  • Journal of Memories (if withdrawal is submitted at least 45 days prior to the school ending)

PUE Finance Withdrawal Policy 

Tuition fees for the first semester will be refunded PUE Finance Withdrawal Policy.

Notice of Withdrawal Date The amount owed for tuition/fee refund
Notification of withdrawal after payment of application or registration fee No refund is granted for application or registration fee
Notification of withdrawal within 10 school days from the start date of the academic year No payment is required
Notification of withdrawal within 11-20 school days from the start date of the academic year The family is invoiced for 50% of semester fees
Notification of withdrawal after 20 school days from the start date of the academic year The family is invoiced for 100% of semester fees
No refund for semester fees granted
If a student attends Semester 1 and any part of Semester 2 The family is invoiced for 100% of school year fees
No refund for school year’s fees granted

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