PYP Promotion

Moving from Grade 5 to Grade 6 is an exciting time for learners, their families and the community as a whole. Our learners grow and change significantly over the course of their journey with us. Every year we take time to come together as a community to recognize and celebrate our PYP 5 learners as they begin their transition to the MYP program.

Our annual promotion ceremony allows us to reflect on and celebrate the achievements of our learners across the PYP. It is a time for community members to share memorable moments, identify and celebrate areas of growth and achievement and formalize the transition from the PYP to the MYP. It is also an opportunity for our learners to be welcomed into the MYP formally by the MYP principal and set the stage for the next phase of their journey along the IB continuum.

Qatar Academy Sidra Graduation Requirements

Qatar Academy Sidra (QA Sidra) prides itself on mentoring students to reach their full potential through individualized attention tailored to their skills, interests, and aspirations. Faculty members are dedicated to students’ well-being and academic success and take the time to guide and support them as they make key decisions that impact their futures. Wherever their individual pathways to success may take them, QA Sidra endeavors to help students identify, develop and realize their goals.

There are different qualification pathways that students may pursue.  All of these pathways lead to High School graduation and are accepted by different universities and colleges here in Qatar and globally.  All of these pathways have the potential to meet Qatar Ministry of Education requirements for equivalency recognition.

Determination of which pathway is right for each student can be made on the results of the MYP programme at the conclusion of MYP-5. This depends on the academic results of the students and is based on approaches to learning, teacher recommendation, student interview, student interests, and parental input.

Students may complete the IB Diploma Programme with one of the following outcomes

  • IB Diploma
  • IB Bilingual Diploma
  • IB Diploma Certificate (for one or more selected IB Diploma courses)
  • QA Sidra High School Diploma
  • Qatar Ministry of Education equivalency recognition

All qualification pathways provide students with the opportunity to gain a QA Sidra High School Diploma in conjunction with IB Diploma Qualifications.

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